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Tantric Erotic Massages

I provide an awe-inspiring exclusive Palm Beach area - erotic Tantra massage service for ladies only, with great expectations. Combine the sensual delights of body to body massage techniques, with flowing full body massage and erotic elements of Tantra and let yourself go!

Tantric Coaching Sessions

Shakti (Ladies) Coaching


My Shakti Coaching condenses years of learning into tailor-made sessions for women, providing empowerment tools for activating your full potential. Learning to worship and heal the God/dess within will allow you to worship the God/dess in your outer world. Shakti Coaching is a 3 step, 3 hour in-person session, with the intention of connecting you to your inner Shiva and inner Shakti.

Shiva (Gents) Coaching


My Shiva Coaching condenses years of learning into tailor-made sessions for the men, providing empowerment tools for activating your full potential. Once you learn to worship and heal yourself, then you can begin to worship the Goddess. Shiva Coaching is a 3 step, 3 hour in-person session, with the intention of connecting you to your inner Shiva and inner Shakti.

Couples Coaching


No matter what stage of your relationship you're in, whether the spark has vanished after decades of being together, or whether the sparks are still flying, this couples coaching is a valuable tool for everyone. Sexual energy is the most powerful energy on the planet and it's time to harness it, instead of letting it control you. This is how we shift our understanding of sex and transcend into something greater. What better way than to learn than together.

Yoni Massage for Women - in Palm Beach

What is a Yoni Massage? When women explore and discover their sensual desires, they naturally feel more confident, radiant and at peace. Experiencing a professional Yoni Massage in a safe environment, will totally empower and uplift you.  The Yoni Massage is part of my Tantric Massage healing service. My female customers have become absolutely addicted to this rather delicate and deliriously sensual massage. I love the fact that more women are expressing themselves.

The word ‘Yoni’ is the Indian Sanskrit translation of the female genitalia. It is a rather sweet and neat term for the flower of femininity. Unlike other more vulgar terminology. I have noticed a remarkable interest within the female sector embarking on these sensual tantric massage adventures which is truly wonderful. Consequently, after their Yoni massage excitation, they become more self-aware of their bodies and their augmented confidence finds expression in all parts of their lives.

Tantric Massage focuses on increasing the flow of sensual energy throughout the recipient’s body. Energy affects our entire being – our thoughts, focus and feelings. The sexual energy spread throughout the body during a full body Yoni Massage, fills you with health and vitality. No more need for botox or facial fillers Ladies – My Yoni Massage will make you glow from head to toe!

Celebrate Your Female Sexuality


Truly. Many ladies are afraid of uncertainty and novel experiences. We believe in taking the bull by the horns and embarking on life’s entirely new ventures. Life is not about collecting material things, which merely bring you temporary contentment. Life is about taking risks, exploring, discovering your sensuality and having pleasurable experiences. Materialism is not fulfilling and never can be. A tantric massage treat, culminating in a tender yoni massage will bring you far more happiness and serenity.

Book An Erotic Yoni Massage

A Yoni massage is a part of a Tantric massage, it’s not a separate massage.


A Tantric massage for women is the whole experience – a progressive journey through your whole sexual body and different stages of sexual energy.


The Yoni massage is a part of this experience, where you focus on the vagina specifically. For example, you could receive 1.5 hours of Tantric massage, of which the last 30 minutes will be the Yoni massage.


You can’t do the Yoni massage directly on the vagina without the whole Tantric massage. It is not comfortable, not effective and not useful. I explain this in detail later.


A Yoni massage is a Tantric technique specifically inside the vagina. It is not so much a massage as a Tantric experience. It is a combination of:

  • a special Tantric touch and technique from the practitioner
  • your own special mental and emotional connection to your Yoni.

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